The Army is back

hey guys I got banned on xbox 360 so now im back to armys and I need to fix some stuff on the website more improvements I am registering us on CPAC clearly we were never a army so umm I might add/ or delete the trackers page depending if I can get them to work these trackers work 100% because its from a bot so starting tommrrow if we have 5 or more people on chat and are willing to go on cp for a PB event I will be very excited I will make a new video for goldenmoneyofcp we have a golden store/ bank now and u can get xats and many more also including sweepstakes and many more stuff added to the site including widgets which will be added maybe today see ya guys remember to recruit members for prizes and promotions !


Lord jonny



Hello and welcome to free premium minecraft accounts site. If you know the game minecraft

This is where you can get a free one I will be putting them up soonnnn


STAY  on the web intill I put the accounts on a page

hiring staff

hi guys this is the staff so remmber to join if you join remmber to write posts


1- jonnycpcheats

2- no one

3- no one

4- no one

5- no one

6- no one


remmber to join and vist this chat daily


see ya guys